Sweet Lics

Frozen Yogurt Shop near Orange City, FL

Anytime is a great time to stop by our frozen yogurt shop near Orange City for an amazing frozen treat. Start off with your choice of our fresh and creamy frozen yogurt, gelato or one of our other frozen treats and top it off with fun toppings like our decadent hot fudge, assorted candy pieces, nuts and more. We’re conveniently located north of Deltona and DeBary in historic downtown DeLand.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is often referred to as the healthy ice cream. It tastes sweet and creamy like ice cream but has half the fat and calories. Plus, it’s lower in cholesterol too. Our frozen yogurt is made from simple ingredients like fresh reduced-fat milk, sugar and live active yogurt cultures. Our flavors are always changing so you can try a different flavor every time you visit our frozen yogurt shop. No sugar added frozen yogurt is also available.


Gelato is a rich, dense and decadent Italian ice cream and one lic of our gelato and you will be hooked.  The big difference between traditional ice cream and Gelato is the incorporation of less air during the churning process which creates a denser, sweeter and creamier ice cream with more concentrated flavors. It’s a true work of art. Try the amazing flavors that we offer daily in our gelato ice cream shop.

Other Frozen Treats

Sometimes you just gotta have something different than Frozen Yogurt, Gelato and Ice Cream. At Sweet Lics we also offer Sorbet, Custard, Italian Ice and Gelati.  All you have to do is select the frozen treat that you want, weigh you finished product, pay and enjoy your creation.

Enjoy one sweet lic after another. Visit our frozen yogurt, gelato and healthy ice cream shop near Orange City, FL. Contact us at (386) 873-6433 for hours and directions.